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Rehab Clinical Pilates (formerly clinical pilates) is an exercise based physiotherapy treatment technique designed to reduce pain and optimise muscle function, movement and posture.

At Through Life Physiotherapy, your individual Clinical Pilates exercise program will utilise high quality pilates equipment such as reformer beds and the trapeze table.  Your physiotherapist will also teach you a home program of exercises.

Clinical Pilates

Rehab Clinical pilates can benefit a broad range of people from those with significant physical limitations through to elite athletes.  It can assist with

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Following a detailed assessment, your physiotherapist will develop a program of exercises individually tailored to reach your goals.  Your specific injuries, pain, weaknesses or limitations are considered in designing your program.  As you improve, your exercises are gradually progressed.

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Rehab Clinical Pilates sessions run for up to 45 minutes with a maximum of three participants to ensure optimal individual supervision is maintained.  

If you are ready to challenge yourself, see Tone Clinical Pilates classes

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