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Vestibular conditions may present with a variety of symptoms including dizziness, vertigo, balance disturbances, nausea, vomiting, rocking or spinning sensations, blurred vision, fatigue or unsteadiness. Anxiety and depression may also feature or be a natural result of living with vestibular symptoms.

Vestibular Rehabilitation commences with a detailed physiotherapy assessment to determine the cause of these troublesome symptoms.  Treatments are individually tailored to retrain or recalibrate the vestibular system to achieve a resolution of symptoms.

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The Clincial Leader of Vestibular Physiotherapy is Richard Biss

Helen Lowe, Kelly Joyce, Richard Biss and Annemarie van der Meulen have completed post graduate professional development in the treatment of vestibular conditions and have many years of experience in this complex field. 

Clients often arrive at vestibular rehabilitation feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by their symptoms.  Our aim is to ensure that our client's understand their symptoms and are empowered with strategies to relieve them so they can return to a full and rewarding life. In addition to our extensive clinical knowledge we use physical and digital vestibular models to assist our clients to understand their symptoms and how the treatments work. 

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We use a Vesticam infrared camera goggles to assist us to more accurately diagnose vestibular conditions. Accurate diagnosis is essential for effective treatment. 

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