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Amazing exercise for you while bonding with your baby and playing with your kids.

Exercising after the birth of your baby is healthy, beneficial and recommended, however, it is essential that you exercise with practitioners who are fully qualified in understanding the changes your body is experiencing. Whether you are new to exercise, a committed athlete or somewhere in-between speak to Through Life Physiotherapy first about exercise after the birth of your baby. Even as your babies grow into preschoolers, the effects of pregnancy and birth can impact on your body, especially your core and pelvic floor.

It is so important to model good exercise habits to your children. At Tone Clinical Pilates+Safe Haven your children are not only welcome but are included in the exercise so that they benefit physically from the exercise and benefit emotionally from bonding with you. The 'Safe Haven' element of this class is a safe space where your children can play but still be close to you. You can connect with your children as often as they need while you exercise. We encourage exercises with your children when they need you close. We also enable your children to develop their circle of security, being able to play away from you before reconnecting as they need.

Mother Baby Exercise Classes

Tone Clinical Pilates is an awesome classes, but if you can't regularly make it in to our classes we can set you up with a home exercise regime or can tailor your current gym program so you can recover fully from your birth and achieve all your fitness goals for years to come.

Each Tone Clinical Pilates routine is developed to maximise your improvement in core strength and fitness while avoiding injury.  Under the expert care of a physiotherapist or instructor, your exercise and posture are closely monitored to challenge your strength and ease mild postural aches. 

Classes are designed by senior physiotherapists with extensive skills, training and experience in pregnancy and postnatal care.

We welcome you to come and try any of our classes for just $10 for a once off come and try class. To continue classes we then see you for a preclass assessment. This assessment is free when you purchase a membership or 10 pass card.

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During your pre class assessment you are taught how to correctly switch on your core and pelvic floor muscles, which is the essential basis for all safe and effective exercise.  The pre class assessment also includes health screening questions to ensure the classes are suitable for you.

If you are experiencing severe pain or you are requiring rehabilitation for a specific injury, Rehab Clinical Pilates will be of greater benefit.

Contact us now for your pre class assessment or to book a come and try a Tone Clinical Pilates+Safe Haven class.

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